Party: Skin & Bones X LA PERSÈ

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Party: Skin & Bones X LA PERSÈ

What’s the only thing better than a night of debauchery?

Holla! That crazy bitch La Persé – she’s back! And this time she is throwing a slightly pre-mature March party guest-starring at TresBones. That’s La Persé for your though, bitch is always one step ahead! So expect to hear all the darkest divas, spell-binding sounds and underground that Persé does best by residents Jean Michelle and Miss Lil 2.0 with special guests! extraordinaire DJ divas LAURA VARTIO and KRYON DIVISION

The night features an erotic dance performance by ellen vivan who is responsible for dance floor classic Pö pö pöö Persee. Featuring near-naked men. So even if you’ve got two left-feet we’re sure you’ll remain pre-occupied.

And If you find a nice hunk of burning love to share your hot and horny pleasure but literally can’t wait to get home, then a little trip downstairs to the “dark” gallery might be in order.

It will be one of the most entertaining and hysterical events of our social calendar

- it’s safe to say we’re buzzing for this event!

✾ La Persé

✾ Mars 6th 2015

✾ Entry 3e cloakroom before 00:00 / 6e incl. cloakroom after 00:00

d a n c e
i n y o u r
s k i n &
b o n e s

Invited: Joshua Dobbs, Ryan Zizzo, Veronika Acs, Niko Nousiainen, Oona Kivelä, Suvi Reinikkala, Sanna Naapuri, Karina Kivilahti, Jarno Viitala, Lilia Wang, Visa Manni, Annika Rantala, Josephine Erista, Pauli Rikaniemi, Kiira Tiainen, Sanni Maria, Nina Björkman, Samu Nevankoski, Oded Peled, Aino Heikkinen, Kim Herold show more »