Party: Skin & Bones presents: ROBERT JAMES (Hot Creations, UK)

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Party: Skin & Bones presents: ROBERT JAMES (Hot Creations, UK)

We are stoked to announce our special guest of the month: Robert James! The story that leads him here is quite unique. Robert used to be a front-line soldier in the UK army in Iraq. Through some twists and turns his interest led him to become a professional dj, and now he resides at the infamous Hot Creations label.

Robert became a full-time selector in 2005, working around the scene of Blackpool at the time. But life after the army proved to be difficult and the DJ work wasn't enough to keep him afloat – he ended up flitting from one job to another and even spent some time on the dole. Finally he decided to head to Ibiza for a season in 2007 armed with
just 150 euros, a CD wallet and a small bag containing his belongings. It proved to be a master stroke and inspired further visits to the White Island over the next two years. Thanks to these trips he picked up a residency at the Zoo Project as well as meeting most of the people he now works with, including close friends Jamie Jones and Richy Ahmed – both of whom he met in one of the world's most important clubs, DC10. A slew of marathon sets at after parties helped to showcase his talents on the decks to various industry figureheads, setting him in good stead for his return to the UK.

Based in Leeds from 2008, such a hub for electronic music helped Rob to really establish himself as a reputable DJ, playing at many of the city's best clubs including Mint and Back To Basics and easing himself into the world of production. Meanwhile he stayed in touch with Jamie Jones and his partner Lee Foss, becoming one of the very first artists to release music via their much-lauded imprint Hot Creations. By 2011 he'd been named as One To Watch by Radio 1's Pete Tong, and he was travelling he globe as one of the main members of Hot Creations. After five years in Leeds though, it was time to move on and London was his next stop. Calling a halt to the non-stop party lifestyle Leeds is famous for, Rob's move to London helped renew his focus and increased his work ethic. After living with Jamie and the gang for a while, he moved into a flat with Russ Yallop and Kenny Glasgow, where he found their dedication to studio time inspired him to follow suit.

2012 saw Robert focused more on touring, traversing the globe, picking up gigs and residencies at some of the planet's most highly-regarded clubs. A three-hour set at Berlin's seminal Panorama Bar among his personal highlights. Add to that a summertime residency at the hallowed grounds of DC10 as part of Jamie Jones' Paradise nights (plus a slot at Circo Loco's closing party) and gigs from South and North America, across to Croatia, France, Hungary and Holland and you've got a hell of a lot of air miles and hours on the ones and twos.

At 29 years of age, it would be easy for anyone in Robert's position to take advantage and rush into things, but he's in no hurry, preferring to take things steady and build up a solid reputation. “I don't want to rush into things, I don't want to go 'Boom!' and over do it,” he says, mindful of becoming a flash in the pan, as can so easily happen in electronic music with the wrong approach. “I'm enjoying the steady ascent, each year I feel like I'm getting better and better, I think...” says Rob in his ever modest tone. This air of self-doubt and a down-to-earth attitude is what makes Rob's dexterity on the decks and in the studio even more impressive. There's no flashy attitude or arrogance, just a constant work ethic and a desire to keep progressing despite already being in such high demand around the globe.

This is gonna be one hell of a jam for all the house lovers in town. Come get your bones loose.

✾ Saturday 31st January 2015

✾ ROBERT JAMES (Hot Creations, UK)

✾ Tapio K (Resident)

✾ Entry 3e cloakroom before 23:00 / 7e incl. cloakroom after 23:00

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i n y o u r
s k i n &
b o n e s

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