Party: Skin & Bones presents: KARTELL (FR)

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Party: Skin & Bones presents: KARTELL (FR)

Summer is about to set over Helsinki, and we want to welcome the new season with the perfect sound! This is another rare chance to catch a future dj legend here first.

Kartell is a young and gifted house producer who's gripping vibes have made him one of the leading artists of the French House movement. His signature sound filled of intricate basslines and magnetic melodies fusion in a musical medley for all ears. In addition to being a passionate and charismatic performer, he is part of Shiny Disco Club label and manages his own label Roche Musique. He also holds an influential blog, revealing young talents of the rising house scene. Inexhaustible, Kartell has played in an impressive number of clubs for a guy studying full time and isn’t ready to stop. Ranging from Funky French House tracks to more dark and groovy music the talented artist never ceases to mesmerize.

It has been told people have fallen in love while listening to Kartell’s house gem Pantera and the crowd eagerly awaits everyone of his already classic tracks. When all is done the crowd is left begging for more of Kartell’s boundary-pushing sound.

The night will be launched into it's orbit by our very own Tapio K, so get in early.

✾ Saturday 18th April 2015



✾ Entry 3e cloakroom before 00:00 / 8e incl. cloakroom after 00:00

d a n c e
i n y o u r
s k i n &
b o n e s

Invited: Matti Paatsama, Sami Jussila, Jae Parrott, Sami Eraejaeae, Jenni Sofia Valtari, Lilia Wang, Aino Aalto, Tuomas Pahkasalo, Anna Victoria, Joelle Biggie Reefer, Katri Nicole Pfuhl, Tomi Koivulehto, Tiki Tikkala, Risto Kujanpää, Harri Schlobohm, Sami Ikäläinen, Mari Sojakka, Timo Laatio, Samica Anastasia, Lari Rantalainen, Jymy Parhiala show more »