Party: Skin & Bones presents: ART ALFIE & MR. TOPHAT (KARLOVAK, SWE)

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Party: Skin & Bones presents: ART ALFIE & MR. TOPHAT (KARLOVAK, SWE)

Skin & Bones with [DEEPINRECORDS] present:

(Karlovak, Junkyard connections)

The Swedish duo, known as Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie, announced their arrival with five EPs in six months, released through their Karlovak label. In today's electronic music scene, where an infrequent release schedule is often thought to have a greater impact, it could easily have resulted in overkill. As it stands, though, the pair's tough, exciting take on club-centric house made heads turn for all the right reasons.

Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie have risen from near obscurity to become one of the scene's most talked-about newcomers. You heard it here first ;)

✾ Friday 20th February 2015

✾ Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie


✾ Entry 7€ incl. cloakroom after 23:00 / 3€ cloakroom before 23:00

d a n c e
i n y o u r
s k i n &
b o n e s

Invited: Matti Paatsama, Jano Franko, Evelin Ellermaa, Lani Nordlund, Laatu Eine, Sami Jussila, Petrie Butler, Sami Eraejaeae, Henri Schlobohm, Maria Krogerus, Anna Victoria, Josephine Erista, Piia Pitkanen, Anni Silamo, Oded Peled, Jasmin Showlah, Joelle Biggie Reefer, Nicholas Wardi, Emilia Kennäsmäki, Anna Christina Manninen, Mikko J. Rautio show more »