Party: S&B : METRO - Mirage Man & Denzel (Dept.)

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Party: S&B : METRO - Mirage Man & Denzel (Dept.)


Denzel (Dept.)

Denzel is the pseudonym of electronic music producer Dennis Okoth who has been actively creating music since 2009. It is not an exaggeration that his abstract approach to his own music and broad selection of records guarantee the audience an exciting and enjoyable listening experience. There’s no guessing what this guy will make or play next. It might be techno, it might be house. He’s also a huge fan of disco and cosmic atmospheres. It’s that element of surprise that makes him interesting. Denzel’s debut is planned to be released on Dept. Records during 2015.

Mirage Man (Dept.)

Roope Karhunen (Mirage Man) is an electronic music producer, label manager and DJ based in Helsinki, Finland. Karhunen possesses over ten years of experience in the field of music production and during that period he has spent simultaneously playing records. His sets mainly carry the house and techno flag yet he promotes freedom of expression in music.

Recently he started managing the Dept. record label which serves as an output for his and several other artists’ musical vision. Mirage Man’s music has been recently featured on such labels as Sccucci Manucci and Nightrunners. As Karhunen is working on new music incessantly, so far he has finished and scheduled two records that are to be announced and released in 2015.

✾ Mars 7th 2015

✾ Mirage Man

✾ Denzel

✾ Entrance 6€ after 23:00 including cloakroom / 3€ cloakroom charge before 23:00

Invited: Matti Paatsama, Sami Jussila, Jae Parrott, Ainoa Juntti, Lilia Wang, Maria Krogerus, Thomas Alvarez, Jusef Khalevi, Petra Lappalainen, Iina Torpakko, Sini Henttu, Kimmo Onttonen, Riina Nojonen, Tatu Tahmatassu, Nicklas Renqvist, Petri Rautio, Gea Karja, Sami Lehtinen, Timjam Uddström, Ville Iisakki Pystynen, Mihkel Vaht show more »