Party: LINK: Mr. Nestor (EST), Kaius Järvensivu & Olli Koponen

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Party: LINK: Mr. Nestor (EST), Kaius Järvensivu & Olli Koponen

We can't get enough of disco! So we call in these two ace disc jockeys from the hood, Kaius Järvensivu & Olli Koponen, to host their night called Link. For the first night we link with Estonia's Madis Nestor. He's been channeling music for decades through his own record store and as a dj and label boss.

Mr. Nestor is committed to unearthing unknown talents, whether by sifting through release sheets for other-world releases, by running a Tallinn record store BiiT or by providing a platform for new artists with his record label Porridge Bullet. And then there’s his unique sense for grooves: Not too many turntable jocks can go from a dirty disco edit to minimal tech house to the rumbling offerings of the world’s leading dubstep label Tempa – and make it all sound like soul music. He participated in the Red Bull Music Academy in 2008 (Barcelona). Come and witness the magic yourself!

✾ Saturday 28th February 2015

✾ Madis Nestor (EST)

✾ Kaius Järvensivu & Olli Koponen

✾ Entrance 7€ after 00:00 including cloakroom / 3€ cloakroom charge before 00:00

d a n c e
i n y o u r
s k i n &
b o n e s

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