Party: TECHNOGROUND with Andy Notalez (SWE), Kenuna (SWE) and Troy Dark (EST)

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Party: TECHNOGROUND with Andy Notalez (SWE), Kenuna (SWE) and Troy Dark (EST)


TECHNOGROUND with Andy Notalez (SWE), Kenuna (SWE) and Troy Dark (EST)

Technoground – the new way of thinking, beginning of the new era, that´s going to change Finnish technoscene once and for all. We are going to do something, that has never been done before - we bring together DJ:s allover Finland, Sweden, Estonia and why not the world. Finally there is an opportunity for new, beginning DJ:s and experienced DJ:s to get together, share knowledge, play some epic techno and have a good time offering amazing music. And most important, to all technolovers, You are going to see and hear enormous gigs, and party with various artist, that all have their own unique sound. Join the techno revolution!




22:00-23:00 :: Kari M
23:00-00:30 :: Kenuna
00:30-02:30 :: Andy Notalez
02:30-03:30 :: Jay Fish


23:00-00:30 :: Nepson
00:30-02:00 :: Troy Dark
02:00-03:30 :: Allanz


Friday 13.2.2015
Age 18
Ticket: 12€

Venue & Playground
Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21
00100 Helsinki



VENUE: (22:00-04:00)

Andy Notalez (Yellow Recordings, SWE)

Kenuna (Stockholm Underground, Spintwist, SWE)

Jay Fish (Resident, Venue, Tesno, Cosmikal, X-Rust, FIN)

Kari M (Resident, Venue, FIN)

PLAYGROUND: (22:00-04:00)

Troy Dark (Groove Message, EST)

Nepson (Rising new talent, FIN)

Allanz (Rising new talent, EST)


Andy Notialez bio:

Swedish techno producer Andy Notalez, born in 1986 has been in the business for many years. Released music in over 25 lables including the leading ones. Right now he is busy with his own Yellow Recordings, a shady dark label that will focus on established artists in the techno scene. He also hosting his own label partys in Stockholm, Sweden. Andy has played as a DJ around the world from Berlin basement clubs to Miami WMC. Talented artist in his own right he produces a powerful sound that cannot be missed. In the past year had his own tracks played by Adam Beyer Live at Nature One in Germany, Drumcode Radio/Berghain and in the Phobiq podcast hosted by Sasha Carassi!


Nepson bio:

First time tried out Dj:ing in 2012 in Turku. Little by little progressing to nightclubs and local events through concepts such as Glow Drop, Eclipse and Wake Up! Turku, Nepson has been growing up and starting to get attention and support. Slowly beginning to establish his own sound in the techno, tech and deep scene he is eager to spread the love for music even further.


Allanz bio:

Diffrent kind of person with huge love for music. Loving cats, humans, family, friends. Influenced by good/creative/positive minded sounds. Always selecting / playing stuff from the heart.



Invited: Anthony Drone, Tempo Giusto, Diogo De Almeida Pöyhönen, Chris Wight, PJ Sangha, Anup Khanal, Jani Asikainen, Nelo Pettersson, Ossian Reynolds, Markus Lindström, Henri Michael, Laila Saidi, Arina Mindfcuk, Sami Ikäläinen, Jani JohnMajor Savola, Kimmo Onttonen, Katja Kinnunen, Ghaith Chaikh-Hamad, Miikka Vireä, Iina Vastapuu, Kerttu Koo show more »