Party: MAYHEM | Talent show XMAS edition.

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Party: MAYHEM | Talent show XMAS edition.

Do you have what it takes to be the meanest, the cruelest, the most sadist unforgiving motherfuckers in God's cruel kingdom?

We shall fucking see!


Thu 25.12.2014 MAYHEM | Talent show XMAS edition.
22.00 - 04.00 @ Playground, Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21

Ho ho ho hoes!

Haussii ja nakkei.. öö ei?
Glögii ja Hooceet!

Xmas talentshow, a perfect gift for the mayhem army.
3 slots for fresh talents..
Post your mix on the event wall.

Free entry for dudes in bikinis.
And hoes in santa outfits.


Waily (Industrial Strenght Records)

Zerathep (Mayhem, Mindcore)






**** T I C K E T S ****

From door
7 (+ Security fee 3€)


**** M A Y H E M D O G T A G S ****

Be a part of the army of Mayhem!

During the event you will be able to buy yourself special Mayhem Dogtags.

Owning one of these dogtags will grant you a position in our ranks and a possibility to win free entrance ticket and free drinks in future Mayhem events.

You can also make yourself pretty for MAYHEM events @ Villi-Vanilja with MAYHEM ARMY benefits.

Invited: Chris Wight, Mari Laitinen, Anup Khanal, Jenna Pakalén, Johanna Aalto, Timo Poikolainen, Nelo Pettersson, Thomas Vuorenlinna, Samuli Sissala, Henri Michael, Merilei Mandelin, Jenkura Aspelin, Katja Kinnunen, Pauliina Junnikkala, Erkki Lohela, Sonja Koo, Tuomas Nieminen, Kaisa Vee, Jouni Väänänen, Toni Maaranen, Jukka Paukku show more »