Party: F.R.A.M.E w/ K-Fold & Kruger

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Party: F.R.A.M.E w/ K-Fold & Kruger

F.R.A.M.E is back again and sooner than never. We are proud to get two uprising dj:s to play our party at playground

K-Fold is fresh new talent from Helsinki and brings new kind of sound from deeper to harder techno. And of course beauty to every club where SHE plays. Some of you have seen her to play at Venue and r3d before, but if you haven't had this chance, here is best opportunity to come and witness this again :)

Kruger is familiar to many people from afterparties in venue/playground. This guy has unique sound and of course sound he plays is called techno. Or should we say berlintechno coz' his sound is so hypnotic and takes every dancer to journey, journey that no one wants to end "

And of course both Frame residents KariM & Wiked will be playing when doors open.

Don't be a shame.. Be Frame

When: 10.4.2015

Where: Playground

Why : U know why

And how much it cost's: 5e plus (security 3e)

Invited: Chris Wight, Henri Michael, Tommi Kauhanen, Matti K. Kankainen, Viivi Huuska, David Marc Ashton, Tommi Savolainen, Sumu Kosminen, Janne Grönqvist, Malla Monica Nyman, Patrick Olavi Lehmuskallio, Jesse Laiti, Leo Hätönen, Adry Bahgat, Janne Mansnerus, Iina Elina, Jarno Eerikäinen, Miska Martikainen, Sami Hietala, Mark Middleton, Tony Klärck show more »