Party: CLINIC NYE 2015 with JAY LUMEN (HU)

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Party: CLINIC NYE 2015 with JAY LUMEN (HU)



22:00 Zacharian
23:30 Jekaterina
00:30 Jay Lumen
02:30 Unik


23:00 Kruger
00:30 Illschnitzell
02:00 Kari M


Clinic juhlistaa uutta vuotta mega suositun Jay Lumenin tahdissa! Herran edelliset vierailut niin Venuella, kuin Tivolissakin ovat olleet loppuunmyytyjä, joten luvassa on taatusti kuuma uuden vuoden vastaanotto.

Tämän tech house & tekno virtuoosiin seurana Venuen puolella soittavat illan avaava Venuen uunituore resident, Zacharian. Seuraavaksi dekkien taakse tulee niin ikään Venuen sekä Insomniacs klubin resident Jekaterina. Hänen jälkeensä kansaa villitsee illan tähtivieras Jay Lumen. Illan päättää Venuen uusi resident, konkari Unik.

Playgroundin puolella ovet aukeavat klo 23:00, meininki alkaa diipimmissä merkeissä kun Kruger sanelee tahdin. Illschnitzellin duo ottaa ohjakset käsiinsä hieman puolen yön jälkeen ja illan päättää Playgroundin tuore resident Kari M.

Ennakkoliput tapahtumaan myy Lippupalvelu:



JAY LUMEN (Drumcode, OFF Recordings, 100% Pure, Octopus, Saved Records, HU)

Unik (Venue, Playground)

Jekaterina (Venue, Insomniacs)

Zacharian (Venue, Playground)


Illschnitzell (Insomniacs)

Kari M (Venue, Playground)




Wednesday 31.12.2014 // 22:00-04:00 // Age 18


Venue & Playground
Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21
00100 Helsinki


Door: 17€


From Lippupalvelu:

13€ (+ service fee starting from 2,5€, minimum total price 15,5€)

VIP tickets (only 100 ticket for sale)
23€ + service fee starting from 2,5€, minimum total price 25,5€)

-VIP entrance with free queue passing at the venue
-Special gift @ Venue (ask from ticket seller)

SUPER VIP ticket only from email:

500€ SUPER VIP for 10 people (1 table only) SOLD OUT! Other tables still available

SUPER VIP ticket includes:

-VIP entrance with free queue passing at the venue and escorting to the table
-Table reserved for all night next to the stage
-1 bottle of Vodka + mixers, 2 bottles of sparkling wine

All tickets + 3€ security guard fee (cloakroom)










Jay Lumen bio

Music is part of his life since his childhood years. He learnt music in conservatory for eight years, which provided a good basis to his ambition of making music. This ambition appeared very early, during the schooldays, when he started to turn compositions of classic authors to his own style, rather than playing the original versions of them. Although he was educated to play on a classic instrument - violin - he early recognized that his desire of creative work would not be realized with this kind of instrument. By getting his first computer, he immediately started to make his ideas to be heard. In the meantime he got to know the synthetizator in the way of self-education also, and as he obtained the newest technologies and softwares, he developed himself with them and got more and more closer to the sounding in which he felt himself familiar.Nowadays, Jay Lumen is one of the most quickly developing new generation DJ/producers.

As a producer he has six No1, eleven Top10, and several Top20 charted tunes till now. His releases are coming out at the best international labels just like Saved, Ministry Of Sound, 100% Pure, Mistakes Music, or the German mega-label Great Stuff, for example, his Top5 track cooperated with Umek, or his other Top3 overall and No1 tech house track called "Is Mine" on Amsterdam's legendary 100% Pure Recordings. He was the only one DJ/Producer in 2010 who had 6 tunes (originals and remixes as well) in the Beatport's top chart at the same time and he did it again in 2011 as well. In 2011 he just started the year by a fresh new Top10 bomb on Sebastien Leger's Mistakes Music and he is just going forward on his way to the top as he had two other Top10 and 3 Top20 tunes after in 2011 as well.

As a DJ, he made his first party in elementary school, when he was only 14 years old. In the beginning he played his favorite tracks from vinyl, and later, following technical improvement he switched to use CDs instead of vinyl. In his DJ sets he builds from house, tech house, and techno style elements mostly. Dynamic, pulsating grooves and pleasant vocalic tunes are also featuring his sound world and are easily sensible to the listener, both from his tracks and sets.The artist with classic musical prequalification is now one of the most famous and internationally appreciated new generation DJ/producers. He is playing in the best clubs around the world week by week, places like London (Ministry Of Sound), Dubai (Sanctuary), Prague (Roxy), India (Club Pasha) and Austria, Poland, Egypt, Serbia, Bulgaria, Finland, Israel, Russia, Morocco, Brazil, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Canada, Croatia, France, Spain (Ibiza), Belgium, Mexico, or Netherlands are all written into the Jay Lumen tour calendar.

Invited: Diogo De Almeida Pöyhönen, Anup Khanal, Ansku Ahtiainen-Hjelt, Tony Kangas, Maarit Naukkarinen, Stefan Ojanen, Hanna Pantsar, Henri Michael, Abigail Mimi Nakayama, Arina Mindfcuk, Karri Rissanen, Merilei Mandelin, Heidi Huikko, Sami Ikäläinen, Jesse Barck, Michelle Lavis, Sami Häkkinen, Farbod Falcao Meh, Ghaith Chaikh-Hamad, Hannu Ikonen, Miikka Vireä show more »