Party: ACES feat. LOUIE CUT (PT)

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Party: ACES feat. LOUIE CUT (PT)



22:00 Milla Lehto
00:00 Louie Cut
02:00 ViliV


23:00 Nicolas Schmidtz
00:30 Zinar Yaman
02:00 Joonas L



Maaliskuussa ACES muuttuu minimalin pelikentäksi, kun illan Pataässäksi on valittu Portugalilainen minimal-tuottaja Louie Cut. Louie Cutin funky tyyli puree minimalin ystäviin ja hän onkin tuttu näky Beatportin minimal top 100 listalla.

Illan pääsalissa avaa Milla Lehto ja Louie Cutin jälkeen päästetään peliin nouseva minimal-tuottaja ViliV, joka on julkaissut mm. Daniel Portmanin labelillä.

Playgroundin puolella pelin avaa Nicolas Schmidtz deepillä soundillaan ja siitä jatkaa R3Distä tuttu Zinar Yaman. Illan päättää techiä sekä progressiivista housea soittava Joonas L, joka on tehnyt uraa mm. Hong Kongissa, Shanghaissa ja Bangkokissa.

Aces is a strong and emotional club concept which started at Venue in June 2011. Our goal is to bring here the hottest artists from the House music scene. Our Game Dealer is Milla Lehto who personally selects the Aces for every night. All the main artists are her favorites and have inspired not only her, but also her audience throughout the years on her gigs.

Aces is all about variations of the house music and emotions.

For those about to Dance we salute you!



LOUIE CUT (Strict Recordings, Droplet Music, PT)

Milla Lehto (Venue, ACES, Pussy)

ViliV (PortRec)


Zinar Yaman (R3D)

Nicolas Schmidtz

Joonas L ( LS City Records )



Saturday 7.3.2015 // 22:00-04:00 // Age 18


Venue & Playground
Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21
00100 Helsinki


Door: 10€ before 23:00, after 13€


From Lippupalvelu:

9€ (+ service fee starting from 1,5€, minimum total price 10,5€)

VIP tickets (only 100 ticket for sale)
19€ + service fee starting from 2,5€, minimum total price 21,5€)

-VIP entrance with free queue passing at the venue
-Special gift @ Venue (ask from ticket seller)

SUPER VIP ticket only from email:

450€ SUPER VIP for 10 people (1 table only)

SUPER VIP ticket includes:

-VIP entrance with free queue passing at the venue and escorting to the table
-Table reserved for all night next to the stage
-1 bottle of Vodka + mixers, 2 bottles of sparkling wine











Louie Cut bio

Louie Cut, the Portuguese minimal artist that has been setting his mark on the clubbing and music scene around the world in the last years. An unique Minimal Techno Producer and Dj that combines old school elements with forward thinking music.

Started Djing in 2006 and played in some of the best Lisbon clubs like: Kapital, Lx Faktory, Op Art, The Loft, Club Souk, Kozee, to name a few.

In 2011 he reaches number 1 on Beatport Minimal Top 100 with several original tracks. He is one of the few artists, if not the only one, that has had 14 tracks in the chart on the same day.
In August 2011, Louie starts his own imprint Strict Recordings.

In 2012, Louie Cut reaches the first place on Beatport Minimal Chart with his remix of “Right On Time”. Again in 2013 with “Good Feeling” and back on the top 10 in February 2014 with "The Thief", a collaboration track with his Brother From Another Mother, Avrosse.

He is nominated for the Beatport Music Awards "Track Of The Year" in both 2012 and 2013 with his tracks “Fat Bee” and “Right On Time” remix.

In November 2013, Louie Cut signs with Kontrol, a very successful Brazillian agency. Played already two Tribe Club massive gigs which led him to be chosen as headliner for the biggest electronic music festival in Brazil called TRIBE! in São Paulo (17.05.2014)

Currently touring around the world with shows in countries like: Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Finland, UK, Portugal, United States, France, South Korea, Hungary, Ireland, Switzerland and others.

Invited: Diogo De Almeida Pöyhönen, Chris Wight, PJ Sangha, Patrick Lee, Karina Kivilahti, Anup Khanal, Christian Bäckström, Jenna Kilgast, Janel Nurminen, André Daniel Antonios, Sampsa Seppänen, Henri Michael, Mert Rahkonen, Ha Le, Oscar Peltola, Jenkura Aspelin, Jasmin Kharroubi, Sergei Rajenko, Erkki Lohela, Miikka Vireä, Alan Leamy show more »